Future Hope 19 is hosted by Just One Media

The Future Hope Tour of Israel is a hands on experience of God's fulfilled prophecy in the Holy Land. As we journey around the land of the Bible, you will immerse yourself in the stories of the Old and the New Testament, the history of God's chosen people and learn about the in depth details God has given about our future.

Throughout your stay in Israel you will gain insights into the history of Christianity and our Hebraic roots, gain deeper understanding of what is happening in the world today and why it revolves around Israel. Most importantly, you will gain insights into the future plan God has for humanity, Israel and His Bride, which He has told us through His Word. 

Join us to see, touch and hear the sights and sounds of Scripture, as we journey together through Israel, God's Promised Land.

Future Hope Tour of Israel Itinerary  

This tour will be a journey through the Holy Land, God’s Word and the prophetic fulfilment playing out in these last days. 

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